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Monday, April 1, 2013 3:38 PM 15 COMMENTS


Meeting and reading different mommy and daddy blogs I realized that I am different. I wish I could sing the same tune as them, dance the same steps...but again, I don't.

Does that makes me a lesser mom?

A month before the wedding I resigned from my work. I mean, I've been working since 2nd grade (8years old) at the family business didn't enjoy my childhood my age, until I graduated from college where my dad finally gave me my freedom. Hooray!!!!

No more waking at 6 am so I can be ready at 7 am every single Saturday. No more running, cashiering, selling, cleaning...

I moved to Manila to work and after months of staying at my dad's youngest brother's family me and my younger sister found a place of our own.

I was 25 years old the time I walked down the isle. I was too excited about the whole idea of jumping off the working wagon and add to the already high unemployment statistics.

But how can a person who is so used to be outside the house working, never trained by my mom to do any household skills to be a housewife, right?

The whole wife duty at night was easy. *tongue on cheek*

Cleaning the house is easy.

But to actually be on the kitchen and to do laundry was ....sigh.

I remember my husband was laughing when I threw in the hotdog without taking off the plastic wrap. God it was scary! I almost cause fire in the kitchen when I threw water on the pan then WHOOOFF! the fire went straight up on the ceiling! I'm not kidding!

Yes, it took years for my husband to trust me in the kitchen. I can fry, boil, and cook simple dishes. I even
learned how to make polvoron (hahaha!) and sold it last Christmas haha!

As much as my husband doesn't trust my cooking, he knew very well how he can trust me in being able to earn my own money even though I don't have any allowance from him or kung kulang iyung binibigay niya. That, people, thanks to my dad who never gets tired of dragging me to the store for 12 FREAKING YEARS! lol It is definitely given that I would learn some things from him, from the store, from the people I met everyday, and from the constant change of situations our family was in. I learned how importance Perseverance is.

In my early months of marriage I was totally dependent from my husband because I had no work, no money (duh!). I couldn't buy things I like and I couldn't just ask money, right? So that's when my new life as a "mama maraket" goes life.

I became a/an:
  • insurance agent
  • made and sell bracelets & cellphone accessories
  • Avon beauty product agent 
  • buyer and seller of random items
  • breeding and selling of puppies
  • online typing
  • installer 
Dean at 2 months
Cholo at 2months
Then on 2011, I was pregnant with Dean I started to focus my earning energy towards running the canteen or be a canteen concessionaire. At that time I was staying at my parents' house along with my kids, while my husband at his mom's. Its the setup that was best for me. My parents' house was just five minute away from the school, while it's difficult for a pregnant woman to travel to school everyday with 2 kids. Baku-bako pa ang daanan as seen on the picture.
on our way to school
At my parents house I can rest because they have house help that can pitch in anytime I needed one. Unlike sa house nina biyenan na wala talaga. 

Two weeks after I got birth via C-Section, you can see me going to the canteen na. They thought I had the baby via normal section kasi I resumed my work load (grocery and all). 

Derek at 2 months

I am different and so other mommies (and daddies). We all have our strengths and weaknesses. How about you?

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