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Frugal Living
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 10:55 AM 0 COMMENTS

Small changes on your habits can bring you big savings.

  • Bring Bottled Water as a mom I always bring a bottle or two of refilled water from home with me when I bring my kids or not. I get to save at least P15 per bottle. 
  • Newspapers/Tabloids/Broadsheets can be taken off from the daily expenses list since we get to watch news when we get home at night or listen to the radio, right?
  • PUJ over Tricycle or Taxi I admit that going around it is easier when we ride in the tricycle or taxi than jeepneys, and more pricey though. However, we must realized that if we hailed down the jeepney, we not only get to save money but we also have a short exercise which is beneficial to our health. Example here in our city, from Tetuan to Mindpro a tricy fare would be around P35-40. But when we ride a jeep, it would only cost us P8.00. Of course we have to walk for a few blocks more. But then again, walking is good.
  •  Wear it Out I don't buy new shoes or pants or anything unless it worn out. I only have a pair of feet, so I only have a pair of flip flops (for at home), sandals (daily use), wedge (party). 
  • Grocery buy only what you need or what's being listed down on your grocery list. Don't buy bulks if you have only a family of four and doesn't being used or consumed often. Most of the items purchased that bought in bulk goes to waste.

I don't need to give up what makes me happy. There are other more practical ways even for a woman with so many bisyo like me. :)

  • Movies and Series -- I love watching Series more than Movies. And I used to visit my suki dvd stall twice a month to purchase not less than 5 dvds per visit. So that means I get to spend P500 a month! So when I got my postpaid Smartbro, I just downloaded all my favorite series, movies, and not to mention do other things via internet (work, social, surfing etc) with just a monthly payment not more than P999.00
  • Nails Done -- I won't let a week passed without having my nails done. Lyn, the manicurista, only collects P100.00 (mani and pedi), no need to give her tip, which is cheaper compared to going to a salon. Going to a salon means I have to pay for the fare back and forth (P8 + P35), mani (P75), pedi (P75), tip (P25 or P50). I don't need to do the math to know which saves more.
I also saved a lot when I gave up 2 tutors (Cholo and Derek), and decided to do it myself, didn't look for a yaya (for Dean) or another extra hand in the canteen when one resigned to get married. I mean, even though its stressful and exhausting, but hey at the end of the day I not only get to save but I also get to spend my time with my gremlins. Be part on their growing years.


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