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My Sanity-Saver Tips inside the Waiting Lounge
Monday, March 25, 2013 11:16 AM 23 COMMENTS

Cebu Vacation May 2012
School is over and vacation is just on the corner. I can practically smell the excitement from my hubby as the nearing of April 5, the day of our trip to Cebu. Can't blame him, he gets all the kicks and got hit all the time by my gremlins when sleeping in a bed that is too small for us. If only my children doesn't do martial arts while sleeping it, a 60x60 wide bed won't be the small.

I, on the other hand, has this mixed feeling of anxiety, excitement, fear, and all sort of things. Trust me, when you are traveling with children especially boys who are below 8 years old and active you need all the luck, prayers, miracles, and my Sanity-Savers Tip when you're inside a waiting lounge of the airport, ferry, or bus terminal.

  1.  What Entertains Them -- My gremlins are different. PSP and cellphone can tame the playful Cholo. Derek is kind of tricky though. What keeps him entertained is constantly changing.  So I usually try to watch a week before what he usually is holding and remember to bring it with me or with him.
  2.  The Power of Snacks -- I always have a bagful of chichirya. I also bring bottled water and other snacks so they won't getting of their sits.
  3. Don't forget to bring an extra plastic bag -- I always have extra plastic bags with me. I used it as my mobile trash bag. 
      How about you, mommies?

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