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Mommy the Juggler
Tuesday, March 12, 2013 8:13 AM 18 COMMENTS

Have you watched I Don't Know How She Does It?

It's a movie starred by Sarah Jessica Parker the famous Carrie of Sex and the City. As of this writing I'm still downloading the movie but I read it somewhere that it's a movie about us--the mommsies. I watched the trailer. Its enough to spark my interest to really watch it.

I am a multitask-er since I could remember. I think being an eldest in the family so much expectations were thrown at me. Then after I graduated I found myself working as a secretary and had no difficulty in meeting the expectations from all the boss I've worked with, I really have to thank my dad for the "training". lol

But being a mom is more than a multitask-er, its like we are putting on different hats on different occasions, and expected to be good at it.

Those were the days that mothers role was confined in the four corners of the house. They clean, cook, do the laundry, take care of their children's needs, and husbands. Their best friends includes an apron, a pair of gloves, kitchen utensils and cookbooks.

Now, we see that most of the mothers are working, helping their husband in bringing home the bacon and still doing the house chores or prepare dinner. Yes, the mothers now doesn't just rely on their husband's salary/income every pay day. In fact, most of them actually earn more than their husband because they still manage to squeeze in doing some sideline like selling of cookies, beauty products, and other things to their office mates and friends.                      
Mothers are professional jugglers. They can juggle their careers--whether its going to the office or home-based, or business, children, and marriage. Its like we are wired to those things automatically.

Men, Fathers, Husbands are expected only to work and bring home the bacon. They can use the excuse of not helping the house because they are tired. Women, Mothers, and Wives on the other hand, that works the same number of hours in a day, the same intensity, and even they are stay-at-home mothers, they can not use that excuse even if we wanted to, right?

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