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Derek: White Lady na si Mama!
Tuesday, March 5, 2013 12:22 PM 9 COMMENTS

I love to exchange dialogues with my kids while my husband was driving us to school.

Mama (joking): Cholo if you grow up and with a nice paying job, I want you to buy me and your papa a house. I want to have our own house and not still be living with your Lola Chichi and Uncle Coy.

Cholo: Okay, mama. 

Mama: You, my dear, will be in charge of buying us new cars. Baby Dean bahala for the daily expenses.

Derek: Okay, mama. (Turned to Cholo). Mama is going to drive me to work.(Proud)

Cholo (shaking his head) :No! Mama, is already old. She can't drive.

Papa interrupted: Your mama doesn't know how to drive. 

Derek: But--but, mama will learn how to drive and she will drive me and ahya Cholo to work. Nusabe etu?

Cholo: I said, mama can't drive when we have work, because she's already old. Nusabe etu? She's be full of white hairs and wrinkles. She will even have a hard time walking and you expect her to drive you to work?

Derek: White hairs like white lady? (His eyes were as huge as saucers) Nah! White lady ya si mama!

Cholo: Hinde white lady! Kere etu dead ya si mama?

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