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Derek and Budoy
Monday, March 18, 2013 9:54 AM 12 COMMENTS

Derek's class is only half day unlike his older brother na whole day. Its expected that he gets bored in the canteen and I don't mind him turning the whole space his play area as long as he wants.

One day he brought back in the canteen's sleeping quarter secretly a kitten. At one glance you wouldn't even noticed it because it was covered with other dolls and teddy bears (when my parents moved to Cebu most of our family's old stuff were left here) on top of my cousin's sleeping bed. 

Before anything else, I need to say I am not a cat lover. Ugh! just kill me. 

Anyway, so I have this sudden itch on my arms when I saw the kitten (when I feel weird my body gets itchy). I don't want to imagine where in the world the kitten was staying before Derek pulled it out and turned into his playmate. 

Our conversation isn't English. It's a mix of Chavacano (our local dialect), broken and simple Chinese and English.

Me: Derek! how many times do I have to tell you that this bed is where your auntie Sha is sleeping! Don't bring anything that is dirty here. Please. That is dirty (pointing to the old dusty wall clock), that is dirty, too (to the kitten who by the way so comfortable snuggling in between the teddy bears)

Derek: But--But--He's my baby Budoy! I want to keep baby Budoy!

I turned around and before leaving I told him to take the kitten out and just play alone. But what I didn't expect was after five minutes was...
--Derek was all wet because he personally bathe the kitten using Sha's shampoo, cleaned it up using Sha's towel and now Budo licking its legs on top of Sha's pillow.
Derek: Mama, Budoy is clean. Can I play with my baby now?

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