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Derek and his favorite lines
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 8:08 AM 8 COMMENTS

Among my three boys, the funniest one would be Derek. He is funny without breaking a sweat and his favorite lines would be "remember?" and "nusabe etu?" (means don't you know?) 

A  day wouldn't end without him saying those words at least twenty times. Yes, he always, always injects them in his dialogue.

Last week, he returned with a cut right under his chin and I was really angry coz literally every time he escapes from the canteen he would end up with a cut or scrape. 

I automatically grabbed the alcohol.

Me: Eeee! Derek! Come here!

Derek (covering the small cut) : Mama, no! Not the alcohol, its painful remember?

I was at this time trying hard not to smile. His facial expression, his lines was starting to be funny. Still sporting an angry face and serious tone.

Me: I said, come here! You do know that's the reason why I don't want you to play outside this area because you always end up having an additional designs (I meant wound) on your body. Come here!

He was truly scared and slowly he approached me, with his hands not leaving his face. 

Derek: Mama, its painful. Really painful, nusabe etu? Remember painful ese.

Oh boy.

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