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How I am spending Sembreak
Friday, October 26, 2012 8:50 AM 0 COMMENTS

Sembreak was supposed to be my "off week" from work. But instead I am really busy with my newest baby. Yes, two posts before this one was like an introduction, and now Hyori Nicole Collection is already up and running...already accepting orders.
Since I am doing everything from the brainstorming of how to package my bracelet, what to put in the card and how it looks like, of course the making of the bracelets and selling it...kulang nga ang 24 hours. Do I have to remind that I have 2 kids and a baby? 

It is hard really, I was like entertaining the thought to look for a nanny to help me out besides I am not working outside the house so technically  I am still present and visible, right? I am more like supervising and would be spared from all the work.

So anyway, as of this writing I already completed 10 bracelet orders. I forgot to take pictures three of them. :(

My friend asked me why Hyori Nicole? I told her that I reserved this name for my baby girl. But God has a reason why He gave us three boys. Hyori was taken from my favorite Korean Entertainer Hyori Lee, she's a singer, actress, fashionista...an icon.

and Nicole Scherzinger from Pussycat Dolls

Truthfully, I am still not done with the packaging so my delivery to one of the shop here in city is still on hold until everything is done. On my next post I will be introducing Gemstones and its properties since I am using authentic and genuine Gemstones in my bracelets.

Till here and tata!
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