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Saturday, September 29, 2012 8:20 PM 0 COMMENTS

It was  ordinary morning while we were doing our stuffs before going to school, I saw Cholo standing on the chair while his 76 year old Lola Chichi (my husband's aunt) putting on his brief for him, instead of him doing it on his own.

So I said, "Cholo, you are already 7 years old. You should be the one putting on your undies."

Dedma ang loko.

"Cholo, aren't you embarrassed showing that to Lola Chichi?" This time I could hear her groaning to stand so she can pull the jogging pants up.

"No." His nonchalant reply, munching on his Koko Krunch.

"Don't tell me your lola will still be putting undies on you when you reach high school?" I was half-joking, half hoping that it would make him think. But I was surprised of his reply.

"Of course not, mama, it would not happen." Obviously. "Because she would be dead by the time I reach high school."


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