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My New Project: Cellphone Charms
Sunday, September 16, 2012 10:58 AM 0 COMMENTS

Its been my frustration to be good in crafts. Martha Stewart wannabe? Not that much though. I know my limitation.

Anyway, I am a type of person whose interests so different from my mom and my sisters. I learned cross stitching when my friends from college were into cross stitching. Before I graduated I was lured into Charmed Stones and found myself researching and selling it to friends, then even turned some into bracelets. 

Last month, I found my cross stitching threads(most of them unused) and instead of tossing it out I learned how to make Friendship bracelets through internet. It was fun and yes, time consuming coz on my first day it took me almost a day to complete one bracelet and I wrapped it around my baby's wrist, which until this day was still intact.

My relationship with craft projects are on and off in terms of mass producing it to sell, though I usually make bracelets and cellphone charms for myself, family members, and of course to some of my friends. So anyway, last week, I made cellphone charms and a bracelet to my Singaporean friend who just celebrated her birthday, then a pair of earrings to Irene, my friend since way back in college and a ninang of Cholo my eldest son. I thought it ends there, but it didn't. I spend two days in the canteen doing mostly cellphone charms and earrings, yes, I want to sell it again. lol Below are what I brought home, no earrings because I left it at the canteen.

and my completed lucky bracelet for myself. Since I was born in Year of the Horse I had to include it in along with ruby (red) for vitality and sensuality, citrine (yellow) for abundance , rose quartz for love.

what can you say?

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