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May Super Power si Kuya Boy
Saturday, September 8, 2012 2:41 PM 0 COMMENTS

My gremlins even though they aren't feeling well I don't see them tie down on the beds, yup, they are still up and running trying to keep the house as chaotic as possible, para bang sumasakit ang ulo nila na makitang maayos ang bahay. Anyway, its hard to see them coughing while they do their karate kick while watching Kung Fu Panda,  and its worst when I had to grit my teeth and had to go through hearing them bark at night, parang may stand in puppies kami dahil nga patay na ang pet dog na golden retriever na si Golda. 

Of course, rounds of prescribed medicines (Loviscol and Dimetapp) were given and bottles of water had to forced them to gulped down ay hindi enough to combat cough and colds.

Kaya nga I found myself seeking the help of a manghihilot.

What is a manghihilot?

According to Wikepedia,

A Manghihilot is the term used in the Philippines for a person who specializes in healing muscular aches and pains by using massage.

My very first experience of hilot was senior year in high school, kasi parang gusto ng mag-stay forever si ubo. I went to the doctors, had my chest x-ray, siyempre mawawala ba ang bugbog ng antibiotics? That's why my mom said to try Mang Roger's touch therapy who said to be a good one. So, anyway, to make a long story short, gumaling nga ako.

It was the first and definitely not the last for me, kasi nagustuhan ko na ang pagmamasahe...iyun nga lang, mas kumportable kung babae ang hahawak di ba?

So, anyway, my aunt who lives in a place where she has five manghihilots as neighbors is the one who usually introduces us when we need one. She always brings the one who specializes with children which is I think to be the oldest of their whole neighborhood. Yes, I do think because of her age at deteriorating strength ay nababagay nga siya to handle kids, but what I don't like ay may sarili siyang oil which has its "yucky" scent and not to mention her "praying over" to her patient. And those two reasons are pretty enough for me to tell my aunt to look for another manghihilot please...or better yet, I look for a good manghihilot without the oil yucky scent and doesn't do praying over na hindi ko naiintindihan.

At doon pumasok si Kuya Boy.

I just found out last year that the school's janitor is doing a part-time manghihilot, he is also a Christian like me. As expected, may pilay ang tatlo kong gremlins. As kuya Boy was running his hands on Cholo's back I could see him grimaced with pain, iyun pala he didn't tell me that he fell on his back while he was skateboarding, as for Derek may pilay din siya but it was normal kasi nga malikot, then lastly si baby Dean meron din dahil daw sa kakakarga.

Nakaktuwa lang because that night they were able to sleep soundly...and so was I.


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