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How I Combat Losyangchuvanes
Friday, September 21, 2012 11:25 AM 0 COMMENTS

Oh my.

Why do we always attached the word "Losyang" to us, married women?

Was it because we are still sporting this "pregnant" body shape? Or was it because we prefer to show off the dark puffy circle around the bottom of our eyes?

Its understandable naman dahil we put on pounds when we are pregnant. After delivering, it is expected na tayo rin ang mag-aalaga sa kanila, except to those women who hired yaya. But still, even women with yayas do take care of the baby themselves. Unlike husbands who not only have to carry the baby inside their belly, they don't have to spend more than three ours per day to bond with the baby.

But why do they still end up losyang and still get away with it, right?

So anyway, I have two kids who are in school and a 10 month old baby, not to mention a business to tend to, and other things, it is quite understandable but not acceptable if I end up losing myself...in short Losyang.

I just celebrated my 34th birthday this month and I realized that I am putting so much work this year than I had last year because my drive to not look losyang was stronger now because of I have a baby...and yes, older.

Things I Do To Combat Losyangchuvanes


a.) A Combo of Vaseline, Block and White lotion.

I used to hate putting on lotions because of the slimy effect left on my skin after, but now I never can get out from the house without it (I still hate it) because if I don't my skin gets dry easily and itchy.

b.) one capsule of MYRA- E a day.

at my age I do need to gulp down a bottle of vitamin E.


I am in the middle of shredding off the extra pounds. I don't have any idea how much I weigh, but with the clothes I wear and pants I know I am doing okay.


I like to be pampered, period. So I usually see myself taking off once a week and leave my baby with my aunt while I head off to salon (Jec-Jec) and have my nails done. The whole process even if it only takes an hour is enough to make me feel good. 

Just two days ago I found myself after deposited the day's sales in the bank, I went to have a massage. Yes, it was unplanned. So this week I didn't have my nails done because of the massage. 


My pretty clothes consists of a blouse and a dark jeans. No, I am not a person who cares so much about what I wear. As long as its comfortable I am fine with it. Its the attitude that matters though. I miss my 115 pound pre-preggy body, but it doesn't mean I would feel so fat and huge in my body weight, right? 

Yes, I always remind (and lie) to myself that I am sexy. Yes, blatant lie that I am one Hot Mama does help in ones ego. Trust me, if you constantly say that you are sexy, you are exuding that aura as well.


I am not a fan of beauty products. My routine at night would be hit the showers and straight to bed. No time to put on anti-wrinkle-supple-skin-whitening products on face....until now.

Yes, I am a lazy and forgetful, but whenever I can I do put on products on face like;
> Tony Moly Tomatox Magic Whitening Cream for whitening.
>Tony Moly Floria Youth Energy Eye Cream for wrinkle and whitening.


It doesn't mean that we do crazy stuff ends the moment our first baby was born. Simple singing out loud like a crying banshee, dance like a crazy patient, or do boring stuff like gardening, sewing, and cleaning the house...

My crazy stuff is to watch hours and hours and hours of dvd during weekends while wolfing down junk foods or spend hours and hours and hours of making bracelets, cellphone charms...and yes, hours and hours and hours of trying to finish a chapter of the story I am writing.


The presence of internet and cellphones does make the communication between friends easier.


I have to thank and kiss myself for getting used to sleep at 8:30, and that's the reason I think why compared to my younger siblings I have visible free fine lines and wrinkles at my age.

Yes, its hard for women who have kids to lose themselves especially if we are drown with all the things we have to accomplish and do in each day.

Being "Losyang" doesn't stop in how haggard we look, it seeps in right in. We not only look haggard, but we can't help but to feel ugly, worthless, and dead tired in the inside.

We all have our own idea and things we do for us not to walk down to that road. Just remember that we owe it to ourselves to feel good and pretty.

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