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3 kinds of Moms
Saturday, September 1, 2012 5:05 PM 0 COMMENTS

There are 3 Kinds of Moms...

the Stay-At-Home, the Working, and the last is the Business Mom, which is I am now.

Once upon a time women were expected to be a stay-at-home mom. Taking care of the house, kids, and husband were the lone responsibilities of a mother and its the job of the father to bring home the money. It was a hard job--all the raising of children, cleaning the house, managing the kitchen, budgeting the monthly stipend from husband. Trust me. its freaking hard. 24/7 with no salary.

Nowadays, stay-at-home-moms are said to be endangered specie (lol), because most of moms are Working mothers who helps their husband in bringing home the bacon. Being a stay-at-home is like a "distant dream" of every mom, mainly because we want to be present in our children's milestones, but because of the financial restraints we're given no choice but to close our eyes and leave the house to work.

The last type of mom is the Business Mom, which I am now. These are mothers who is their "own" boss or with business (online or offline) so they can still take care of their chikiting, munchkins, and gremlins.

On my first two boys, I was a stay-at-home. I did try to work abroad when my 2nd turned one. However, I just packed my bag and came back after  my visa expired not because I wasn't able to land a job, but because I spend most of my time crying and missing them terribly. So I decided that maybe I wasn't the mom who can work away from home, since I was used to wake up and sleep with me watching them, so the "typing captcha", selling stuff I did like bracelet, cellphone accessories, and stuff, were the things I did for me to earn. It doesn't rake in that much money, but at least I was able to buy what I wanted for myself without asking money from him...in short I can support my vices like buying of dvd, mani/pedi, load, blouses, etc...

Last year, I decided to really focus in earning my own money without depending much from my hubby's monthly allotment because I know that it won't be enough for the coming of our third baby. Yes, I was pregnant when I had my uber "small" biz and trust me it was hard. I had to juggle and to manage my time while my belly was getting huge. I buy stocks, tutor my kids (Cholo was on 1st grade and Derek was nursery), and sell. So I had no choice but to give up typing captcha which I had to wake up at 5am, the loading of picture during this time is fastest.

This school year opening my work load and responsibilities were doubled--tripled, I think. 

I have a baby to take care on top of: managing the whole canteen (includes grocery and paper works) and watch the two older boys. Yes, it was really, really hard especially that I have no babysitter. Thankfully during the time I am in the canteen, I can rely my aunt and 2 cousins to help me with them especially those times I have to run to the bank or buy stocks, and of course go to salon and had my weekly mani/pedi.

Personally, I am quite contented with my situation at present...being a Business Mom.

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