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Cinderella kicks Back
Wednesday, August 15, 2012 9:28 PM 0 COMMENTS

As a little girl, I grew up enjoy watching, reading, and even listening on how two people living in different worlds meet. How Knight In Shining Armor waltz in and saves the Damsel in Distress from evil witches, dragons and even death, to live happily ever after...silently praying one day I would be listening my own fairy tale when I grow up.

But real life is no fairy tale. We might think we are Cinderellas, or Snow Whites, or Sleeping Beauty and the person we are with are our Prince Charmings...but right after we had our fairy tale weddings, we realized happily every after was just a hoax.
It was like we're punched right on the nose by reality for us to wake up. It was a cruel thing to know...moreover to live each day having to punch oneself over and over and over again for falling into the so-called "True Love" idea crap trap.

For a person like me who grew up to be a junkie of fairy tales, romantic movies, and love stories, it was freaking hard, to always remind myself that this is REAL LIFE, I am not some freaking Damsel in Distress character I read in Barbra Cartland books or my husband is Adam Sandler's character in Fifty-First date movie.

What's funny was that the person I was 7 years ago, wasn't the same person now. I used to be some kind of dependent on my husband like the characters I read, but now I am not. Gradually I was turning into a Cinderella who doesn't depend on my Fairy Godmother (where are you?)  to change my life, or need the character of a cruel Step Mother and Sisters just to have a pathetic life, and the Glass Shoe  for the Prince Charming to identify that I am the One.


I am Cinderella who kicks back. Who punch reality right back to its place and lead my life according to what I think is best for me as a person, as a woman, as a mother, and wife.  Yes, even though I may believe that life in general is no happily ever after, but it doesn't mean I mopped all day, right? I accept the fact that this is life. Life isn't a bed of roses and yes, a fairy tale, and yet I am thankful for everything...from the pain I had to endure, problems I have to face, trials I have to fight, because at the end of the day every thing that happened changed me.

Now I am all grown up, married with 3 kids and yet I still love to hear the story of boy-meets-girl-fell-in-love. I still believe the whole shitty idea of  "True Love", because I believe that I married him 7 years ago and he gave me 3 very active Gremlins who never fails in making my life more chaotic and challenging than ever.  It never bugged me that much when I realized that my Prince Charming turns into Shrek sometimes or Beast the other times, because I know for sure that I wasn't always Snow White either.

Yes, my day has come where I finally can tell to my younger self about my own fairy tale...and she's gonna love it.


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